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Asher Chronister, a mage exiled for his crimes against his world, is enlisted to solve a series of murders in Corellon. The Empress Mosaline is concerned that her efforts to keep the peace in the Four Lands and restore Yara hinges upon the morale of the people in Corellon. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Hood works to undermine all that the empress is trying to hold together. 

In a world where mages have been purged, the Cataclysm has left major scars, and a deposed king seeks revenge, Yara is being shaped anew. Follow along on this epic journey in a dark land where hope rests on a failed mage and a young man who must find his destiny in this changing environment. 

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Continue to follow the journey of Trystan and the druid Kovak as they travel to the broken lands of Kind to find the Lost Library of Difir. Also, discover the fate of Paran Getara and his new companion as they plot to assassinate Asher Chronister and upset the balance of power in the Four Lands. 

Wounds continues the saga of the world of Yara and the efforts of her heroes who are seeking to reverse the effects of the Cataclysm that threaten to destroy them all. If you like dark fantasy, intrigue, adventure, and world-shaping heroism, you will not be disappointed. 

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After the death of Empress Mosaline, the vacuum of power settles on Daramar. Is Paran Getara the savior he promises to be? Or is he a puppet to a power even greater? 

And what of the companions, Trystan, Kovak, Gunderson, and Sailah? Will their efforts to master all seven Aspects of Yara be the answer that their world needs, or will all their sacrifices be in vain?


Asher Chronister has escaped the hands of his assassin, but at what cost? Is madness and loneliness his only options in a world that he has foreseen to be lost to oblivion? Or can he trust the visions that haunt him? Is there more he can do--more he can try--that will stop impending doom?

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